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Diverging Diamond Interchange to Open September 8

The new diverging diamond interchange (DDI) at I-70 and the Turner Diagonal Freeway in Wyandotte County will open Sept. 8.

The new interchange is part of the Turner Diagonal Interchange Reconfiguration project and will provide better access to businesses along Turner Diagonal and allow freight traffic to move efficiently through the corridor.

Diverging diamond interchanges improve safety and operations, particularly for left turn movements and trucks. This project will also add a new shared-use-path and sidewalk from Riverview Avenue through the new DDI and connect to existing sidewalks at State Avenue. The new pedestrian facilities will enhance mobility opportunities along Turner Diagonal, particularly as new developments are added.

The DDI moves traffic to the left side of the road between the interchange ramps. Drivers approaching the interchange can either turn right onto I-70 or proceed through the crossover intersections to the left side of the road. At the next intersection, drivers make a ‘free-flowing’ left turn onto I-70 without waiting for a green turn signal or continue through the intersection and cross back to the right side of the road to continue on the Turner Diagonal.

Advantages of the DDI include:

• Being able to accommodate higher left turning movements both onto and off the highway, improving efficiency of the interchange.

• A reduction in the total number of conflict points inherent to a traditional diamond interchange, thus improving safety.

• A shortened overall traffic signal length, reducing delays and improving safety and efficiency.

• Construction cost and time are shortened by reducing the width of the bridge needed to accommodate left turns.

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