when will  turner diagonal/college parkway be open?

Northbound and southbound Turner Diagonal/College Parkway are expected to be open to traffic in mid-October.  While most of the ramps and roads associated with the Turner Diagonal Interchange opened on on September 8, the northbound and southbound lanes of Turner Diagonal/College Parkway remain closed because of the road construction of the new intersection at Tauromee Avenue and Turrner/College Parkway.  The new road is being constructed by NorthPoint Development as part of their logistics center development in the northeast quadrant of I-70 and Turner Diagonal. 

what is going on with the I-70 east and westbound truck Parking/staging areas?

The eastbound I-70 truck staging area around mile marker 414 is currently closed and is scheduled to reopen in mid-summer 2020.  The area will be reconstructed, resurfaced and restriped for more efficient truck parking and staging as part of the Turner Diagonal Interchange reconstruction project.


The westbound I-70 truck staging area near mile marker 414 is scheduled to close mid-summer after the eastbound truck staging area reopens. The westbound I -70 truck staging area will be reconstructed, resurfaced and restriped for more efficient truck parking and staging.  The vehicle inspection building will be rebuilt for better functionality. The westbound truck staging area and vehicle inspection center is scheduled to reopen in November of 2020

What is the purpose of the truck parking/staging areas?

The truck parking and staging areas will have designated areas for truck parking and truck staging. The truck staging area provides a safe, short-term location for commercial truck drivers to pick up or drop trailers for tandem and triple trailer combinations that are allowed on the Kansas Turnpike, but not allowed on other roadways.  The facility will also provide truck parking spaces for long-haul truck drivers to park and rest.

How do commercial drivers know if there are parking spaces available?

The truck parking/staging areas will have a system to monitor truck parking availability, which will be included in the KTA truck parking information management system. This system will provide real time truck parking availability information to assist truck drivers and dispatchers in making informed parking decisions to increase safety and efficiency.  Information will be disseminated through truck parking roadside signs and traveler information sites, such as 511. 

What is a Diverging Diamond Interchange?

Diverging Diamond Interchanges (DDIs) are an innovative way to increase safety for travelers, reduce traffic delays, and decrease construction costs.  Unlike the traditional diamond interchanges most of us are used to, DDIs traffic on the crossroad is moved to the left side of the roadway with signals.  This movement allows commuters to make left-hand turns without crossing into the path of oncoming traffic.

What is Design-Build?

Design-build streamlines project delivery through a single contract between the owner (Kansas Turnpike Authority) and the design-build team. Combining the skills of designers and contractors at the project’s onset allows for positive collaboration, which can result in faster project delivery, more efficient use of materials, and lower labor costs.

When will construction begin & end?

Construction can be a bummer - even when we know the end result is worth it.  Using Design-Build to combine the skills of designers and contractors at the project's onset, can significantly decrease construction delays and save money.  Reconstruction of the interchange will begin in early 2020 and complete in October of 2020.

Will the Whole interchange be closed?

Yes & No  Motorists will be able to use the interchange during construction, but it will close fully on occasion.  Keep your commute easy by watching this site and the Unified Government's social media for closure notices and detour plans. 

How is the project Funded?

The total project cost is $30 million. $13.8 million of the project cost will come from a U.S. DOT BUILD Grant that the Unified Government received in 2018. The remaining costs will be covered by a combination of Unified Government, Kansas Turnpike Authority, Kansas Department of Transportation, and Northpoint Development funding. Collaboration between all four groups is an efficient and cost-effective approach that will make this project successful and be a model for doing business in the future.